About Shadows Edge

Welcome to Shadow's Edge!
Level 25 Alliance Guild on US-Ghostlands server.

Shadow's Edge is a casual, yet serious Raiding guild focused on end game content. We have been raiding together as a guild since Burning Crusade and are currenlty working towards Mythic raiding in Warlords.
If you are interested in joining, we are looking for a few strong players to round out our roster.

Current Recruitment needs:

We are currently on break for the rest of the Warlords Expansion. 

If you would like more info, please contact: 

Orator - Battle Tag ID "Orator#1503"
Dorkyl - Battle Tag ID "Dorkyl#1490"
Mýst - Battle Tag ID "Mystiey#1301"

Please see our About Us section for raid times, progression stats, recruitment and guild polices.

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